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Product Name:
4.2 inch ESL label

Product Description

4.2 inch ESL label

It achieves the price of the data update, networking, query and other functions, to provide customers with a variety of applications, to solve the store Due to frequent price changes and the problems arising from the synchronization of online and offline product information, improve store management and employee productivity and efficiency.

4.2 inch
Can show the image, text, bar code and other informations at once
Suitable for fresh seafood, fruits, vegetables, electrical appliances, furniture, medical treatment, conferences, warehouses and other application scenarios

Technical specifications

Dimension: 100x95x15mm
Working Temperature:0℃-40℃
Peak rate:3000 PCS/hour/base station
Bar code: 1D/2D

Format: Dot matrix pixel display
Display Color: Black& White&Red
Effective display region:84x62mm
Viewing angle:175℃

Battery replaceable: Support

Special sevice:Customized is available

Specification Dimension

Complete label: 150*120*20mm

Active display : 84*62mm

Diagonal: 70.5mm

resp.4.2” Display Display mode:reflecting ,without backlightings , paper like reading performance, and good vision Low power:zero-power consumption to keep the display information Display format: dot matrix display Multi languages enabled and can show complex information and barcode Gray levels: 4 Color: white Outdoor performance: readable under direct light High contrast Horizontal/vertical usage Characteristics Update:approx.1000 changes per 1 hours per E- station. 10,000-20,000 updates with more more E-station Background update: any E-tag can be updated at any time Operating conditions Temperature range 0°C to 50°C Battery CR3020*3 , 5 years battery life Reflect contrast (Minolta CM2300D) 7:1 Whiteness reflect (Minolta CM2300D) 33% Visual angle 175°


•Outdoor performance:readeble under direct light

•Low power , zero-power consumption to keep the display information

•Multi-languages enable and can show complex information and barcode

•E-Tag can withstand normal drops

•E-Tag has IPX6 level(water jet waterproof)


•Two-way high speed RF transmission to ensure transmission efficiency and accuracy.

•Automatic price and content changing system by real time synchronizing with POS database.

•Reduce artificial mistakes and improve information management to better increase company reputation.

•5 years long life energy and cost saving.

•Environmental protection, without too much material waste.

•High-end design, increase customer's purchase desire
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