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Product Name:
50 inch Multimedia teaching all in one whiteboard

Product Description

50 inch Multimedia teaching all in one interactive whiteboard


Multimedia teaching all-in-one adopts advanced Multi touch interactive technology; It is a Multi-function man-machine interactive terminal which uses the screen touch operation, Integrated interactive whiteboard, TV, audio, computer, Internet, multimedia playback and other functions.

It applies to Teaching、Meeting、Commercial display、Hall query etc. Such as:Network multimedia teaching system、Recording system of education and training、Products display system、4S store product experience system、Real estate sales inquiry system、Airport and Station touch inquiry system、Inquiry system for medical institutions、Service selection system for telecommunication sector、Stock exchange system.

(1) Features:

1.PC Configuration: Standard configuration Motherboard:J1900;CPU:Inter Celeron quad-core 1.99G;RAM:2G;HDD:500G;with Wi-Fi (advanced configuration: motherboard H81,CPU I3-4160 RAM 4G HDD 500G with Wi-Fi optional)

2. Resolution: 3840*2160 10 points IR touch

3.operating system::WIN7/WIN8/WIN10/Android(optional)

4.Front interface:USB2.0*3、Multimedia play USB port*1、IR touch output interface*1、HDMI input*1

5.Rear interface:USB2.0*3、HDMI input*3、coaxial*1、TV input*1、AV1 input*1、AV2 input*1、AV output*1、YPBPR*1、VGA input*1

6.OPS interface: HDMI output*1、USB3.0*2、USB2.0*2、VGA output*1、Ethernet interface*1、12-19VPower interface*1、Headphone jack*1、Microphone output*1

7.50inch LED FHD Display LG LCD panel

(2). Touch the one-piece machine function

1. With high performance computing power, smooth image and vivid image, the design concept can save space.

Adopt concise and elegant appearance design, Full HD gorgeous screen, black bright lacquer, aluminum alloy exterior frame, extremely fashionable design.

3. Built-in 4K LCD panel with high brightness, high contrast and wide view.

4. Screen impact resistance, scratch resistance, corrosion resistance, and anti-reflection.

5. Built-in computer, adopt mainstream configuration, please read list or consult for details.

6, built-in touch, the touch of adopting international advanced technology, high precision touch, responsive, combined with large LCD display excellent display function, at the same time integration handwritten function and computer network technology, through multimedia production tools, the text, images, animation, high-definition video, audio, electronic documents, multimedia data, such as the Internet information vividly a body to show to the public, can give the audience the largest visual impact and the touch of an unprecedented feeling.

7. The high stability will not be shifted due to the change of time environment. The high transmittance can reach 100 %. Easy to use, touch without strength, no special requirement for touch.

8. Strong adaptability to the non-current, voltage and electrostatic interference, suitable for some harsh environmental conditions.

9. The service life is up to 50,000 hours, and the contact life is extremely long without maintenance.

(3) Application domain

School: Kindergarten, Primary School, Middle School, University

Public places: subway, airport, exhibition hall, gymnasium, museum, conference center, science and technology museum, exhibition display, hospital, school, etc.

Entertainment and leisure: cinema, gym, resort, club, foot bath sauna, bar, Internet bar, beauty salon, golf course, etc.

Financial institutions: banking, securities, funds, insurance companies, business inquiry, service promotion, service experience;

Commercial organizations: large shopping malls, chain stores, large stores, specialty stores, star hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, pharmacies, etc.

Property: apartments, villas, office buildings, business buildings, sample houses, sales offices, etc.

Shopping center: shopping mall guide, merchants inquiry, commodity inquiry, new product promotion;

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