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Product Name:
2.1 inch Electronic Shelf Label

Product Description

2.1 inch Electronic Shelf label

2.1 inch e-paper price tag Electronic shef label system is a kind of display system which can replace the traditional paper label on the shelf. Get rid of the current situation of manually changing the price tag, and realize the price consistency between the cash register and the commodity price. widely used in supermarkets,high-end stores,cade shops,warehousing and loistics system.

♦1.There are no language restrictions,no matter Spanish,Arabic,Russian and Greek etc. 

♦2.ESL system and POS system is real-time synchronization update data,don’t worry about delay or inconsistent price changes.

♦3.Communication frequency band is 433mhz,to ensure that the commodity information change in security and stability,433mhz is the future trend,long communication distance,strong anti-interference ability,such as not affected by WIFI,can adapt to the complicated applied environment. 

♦4.Adopt wireless bar code scanner to achieve commodity and Electronic price tag binding,convenient,stable and reliable, but also reduce costs.

♦5. the entire ESL system software, base stations, price tag, wireless bar code scanner all autonomous networking, communication stable and reliable, to ensure display error-free. If the store A area labels and scanner be moved to the B area is still unimpeded communication. Do not have to invest in the formation of WIFI network, do not worry about the signal instability occurs transmission data error. 

Product Parameter Effective display region 48*23mm Resolution 212*104pixels  Battery CR2450*2 Weight 40g Applicable scene Shelves\books Screen Electronic ink screen,electronic paper screen Display Format Dot matrix pixel display Viewing angle 175 Contrast 7:1 Operating frequency 433MHZ/868MHZ/915MHZ Communication parameters 25m Working life More than 5 years Low power consumption Power protection,static wroking zero power Display capabilities Support for multiple languages,bar codes,2D codes Operating temperature 0-50 Storage temperature -20-70 Outdoor display capabilities Sunlight Readabel

2.1 inch

It achieves the price of the data update, networking, query and other functions, to provide customers with a variety of applications, to solve the store Due to frequent price changes and the problems arising from the synchronization of online and offline product information, improve store management and employee productivity and efficiency.

The most commonly used size, can meet the basic display requirements
Suitable for daily necessities, snacks, drinks and other conventional display area

Technical specifications
Dimension: 76x40x15mm
Working Temperature:0℃-40℃
Peak rate:8000 PCS/hour/base station
Bar code: 1D/2D

Format: Dot matrix pixel display 
Display Color: Black& White&Red
Effective display region:48x23mm
Viewing angle:175℃

Battery replaceable: Support

Special sevice:Customized is available

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